5 Powerful and Progressive Princess Books

Once upon a time there existed some strange books. These books were called Princess Stories for Children. In these books, girls were misrepresented as mindless and powerless people waiting for a miracle to happen; and if at all women were…

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7 Spectacularly Illustrated Children’s Books

Illustrations in children’s books are not merely for decorative purposes. They often work as a hook for children – especially early readers – and work as a parallel narrative (visual) in many cases. Being surrounded by a plethora of wonderfully…

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‘These days, I delight in the hope that I might help children discover how amazing and exciting history is’

Meet Natasha Sharma, the author of Rooster Raga, Bonkers! and Icky! Yucky! Mucky! who possesses a secret spell for making children howl with laughter. In this interview with HSLS, she talks about finding inspiration for stories, using humour as a writing…

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