Additional Programs

Besides HOO’s Circle, your school can also avail of a host of other library services.

  •  I Love My Library – Librarian Training Workshop: An activity-filled workshop that equips school librarians with essential techniques to create dynamic library spaces. The training will empower them to effectively engage with students, support and extend the school curriculum, and promote information literacy.
  • Love to Learn @ the Library:  A library curriculum designed to engage readers from Grade 1 to 5 in their weekly library classes. This collection of library-centric activities is aimed at instilling the joy of reading among children while exposing them to a variety of genres.
  • Curated Catalogue of Book Titles: A recommended reading list of 1,300 titles addressing students from pre-school to Grade 5. This unique and eclectic collection of books has been developed keeping in mind varied reading levels and interests
  • Read With HOO – A Read Aloud Teacher Aid: This package includes 25 books and 2 activity manuals. The books have been curated to promote basic concepts that are introduced in pre-school classrooms. The manuals include activities to energise the session and worksheets to encourage creativity. They also offer tips to the teacher on how the concept can be further explored with the children.



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