School Library Programs

In the face of demanding curricula, classroom teaching – although rigorous in structure – is limited in its capacity to nurture free thinking and creativity in children. In today’s education milieu, it is critical for schools to invest in their school library and ensure that it becomes a hub for joyful learning. This conundrum forms the basic rationale of our School Library Programs. The aim of Hippocampus’ School Library Programs is to empower schools to run active school libraries with the ultimate objective of making students avid readers and learners within and outside the realm of the prescribed syllabi.

The landscape of the Indian education system is vast and varied as it caters to students from diverse backgrounds. As each educational institution is unique, it is essential that the role of the school library reflects the goals and aspirations of its school. With this in mind, Hippocampus has designed School Library Programs that cater to diverse requirements in order to reach children across the country.

While Active Library Program and Integrated Library Program are more suited to mainstream and international schools, GROWBY Reading is a tried-and-tested library program that is ideal for first-generation school-goers in India.

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