HOO’s Circle: A School Library Membership Program

HOO’s Circle is a year-long membership program for schools that will infuse fun and excitement into their school libraries. Our ultimate goal?  To inspire children to read more for joy!

The program also aims to empower school librarians.  HOO’s Circle will provide librarians with the materials they need to lead celebrations around a variety of themes (i.e. Mystery, Space, India, etc.), conduct engaging library sessions with students of all ages, and stock their shelves with a variety of great books at all reading levels.

Join HOO’s Circle to be a part of a community of schools dedicated to promoting reading for joy.

What Does a HOO’s Circle Membership Include?

See below for a list of all the great materials HOO’s Circle members will receive.  And the best part is that everything will be delivered directly to the school (unless otherwise stated).

  • 3 Library Vibrancy Kits: Members will receive three Library Vibrancy Kit over the course of three terms. Each kit will provide all the necessary materials to celebrate your library around a specific theme.
  • Registration to Hippocampus’ National Library Week
  • Welcome Kit (for first-time members only)
  • Access to HSLS’ network of children’s authors and illustrators
  • Good Reading Guides
  • HOO’ked on Books : Our online newsletter for schools ( 6 issues per year)

Check out the FAQs section for all the details about HOO’s Circle, or contact us at hippocampus.librarian@gmail.com with additional questions.

One Comment on “HOO’s Circle: A School Library Membership Program

  1. How to get the HSLS Membership ? How to do Registration for Hippocampus’ National Library Week ?

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