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Laugh-a-thon Books

Children’s laughter must simply be the most delightful sound in the world. Hippocampus recommends 6 hilarious books that won’t just make them laugh-out-loud but also help enhance their reading experience.

Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems

In this minimalistic, award-winning picture book, the bus driver entrusts the reader with his bus and asks you not to let the pigeon drive it. As the driver leaves, pigeon promptly makes his appearance; begs, pleads and even tries to bribe the reader into letting him drive. The futile efforts of silly pigeon and his goofy expressions are certain to tickle children and get them laughing.

The Monster at the End of this book by Jon Stone

In this story, adorable Grover from Sesame Street begs the reader to stop turning pages, because each page brings us closer to a monster at the end of the book. Grover is afraid of monsters. But somehow, the reader ignores Grover and turns the page. Grover tries to nail the pages shut, he tries to tie the pages down, he even builds a brick wall trying to avoid the inevitable. Who is the monster at the end of the book?? Children will delight in each page they turn.

Max the Brave by Ed Vere

Max is a kitten who is confident of his outstanding mouse-catching abilities, if only he knew what a mouse looked like! Max goes on a quest to find a mouse and meets an array of animals big and small through the pages. Max finally meets a mouse who tricks him into believing that he isn’t one. A fun, interactive book of a fierce cat that is desperate to chase a mouse.

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist by Judi Barret

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist is a clever book filled with hilarious notes. There are many things that you should NEVER do – Like go shopping with a centipede or invite an ant to a picnic. You should definitely not take a giraffe to the movies or our favourite — NEVER go to the bank with a raccoon. A funny and imaginative book that makes you realise the perils of silly situations.

A Silly Story of Bondapalli by Shamim Padamsee

There once was a Prince who hated food. The royal cook one day gave him something new and very special to eat – a hot golden ball, crisp on the outside and soft inside.. A bonda! After that, there was no stopping the prince who took his obsession for bondas to a whole new hysterical level. A bondafully light-hearted book filled with bright and happy illustrations.

Phiss Phuss Boom by Jerry Pinto, Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu

Can breaking wind at a wrong time change your life forever? Stories of flatulence are a cheerful pass time for summer holidays spent with grandparents.  Everyone has heard a story about loud funny ones or silent stinky ones or the ones that made you dizzy laughing at someone. Similarly, these 3 explosive fart stories from Kerala, Goa and Bengal will most certainly crack you up.

Here are a few other funny book series for you to enjoy – The Diamond Brothers by Anthony Horowitz, Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, Super Zero by Jane De Suza, My Weird School by Dan Gutman and Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey. Tell us about some children’s books that you thought were hilarious in the comment section below.

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