National Library Week ‘2015

In 2013, Hippocampus introduced an exciting 2-weeks of celebrating the National Library Week (NLW) in school libraries. We received extremely encouraging responses from schools around the country – and ranging from government and budget schools to international schools.  We continued with this in 2014 too, with similar success. Each year we have created fun and exciting activities, organised author interactions and offered contests for children and educators alike. Toolkits of posters, banners, books and activity booklets have been sent to each partner school for the celebrations.

We thank each of you for your involvement and commitment to the cause of promoting reading by celebrating your school libraries; and also for sharing NLW anecdotes and pictures with us.

Going ahead we want to take this celebration of reading purely online.  So NLW 2015 is being tried out on a very modest scale to understand how effectively libraries are able to implement it with this format.  Once again we have planned out fun activities and challenges that can be used to celebrate the spirit of the National Library Week in your school.

We apologise for the delay in putting this up. We will be back with a full-fledged NLW plan in 2016. We also hope to make it available well in advance of the National Library Week, which kicks off on November 14 each year. This will help you plan its rollout much more smoothly.

And now – visit our NLW TOOLKIT 2015 page for fun ideas to celebrate your library and the joy of reading!


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