What is HOO’s Circle?

HOO’s Circle is a year-long membership program for school libraries.  We make it easy for our members to infuse fun and excitement into their school libraries for an entire year, with the ultimate goal of inspiring students to read more for joy.

Who Can Join HOO’s Circle?

Any school that wants to create excitement in their library year-round.


What will HOO’s Circle members receive as part of their membership?

Members receive the following:

  • 3 HOO’s Circle Vibrancy Kits – Each kit will provide all the necessary materials to conduct a celebration in the library around a specific theme. Available themes will be indicated to the schools at the time of joining.
  • Welcome Kit (free for new members only)
  • Registration for Hippocampus’ National Library Week celebrations
  • Access to our network of renowned children’s authors and illustrators

What is the target student age group for HOO’s Circle?

HOO’s Circle will get students of all ages excited about the library and reading in general.  The Vibrancy Kits include book recommendations and theme-related activities for children in five Grade Clusters, which cover students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

What are Grade Clusters?

We have divided students into five Grade Clusters and all of our materials provide resources for each cluster.  The five Grade Clusters are Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9 & above.

What is a HOO’s Circle Vibrancy Kit and what does it include?

Each of the 3 kits a member receives through the year will provide librarians with everything necessary to conduct celebrations in the library around the themes. The following materials are included in each Vibrancy Kit:

  • Activity Almanac
    • 15 theme-related Library Activity Plans (3 for each of the 5 Grade Clusters)
    • 25 theme specific Book Recommendations (5 for each Grade Cluster)
  • 2 theme specific-stories written exclusively for the Vibrancy Kit or two theme-specific books  (one for junior and one for senior grades)
  • Library Posters to support the theme

What are the current themes available for the HOO’s Circle Vibrancy Kits?

Follow our blog to stay updates on the latest themes being created. For more information, write to us at hippocampus.librarian@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you.

Can schools request their own Vibrancy Kit themes?

We would love to hear your school’s suggestions for Vibrancy Kit themes. We cannot guarantee, however, that a suggested theme will be created, or give a time frame for when it can be completed.  Nonetheless, please don’t hesitate to send us your ideas and we will certainly take them into account as we continue to create more Vibrancy Kits for our HOO’s Circle members.

When will the HOO’s Circle Vibrancy Kits be sent to schools?

During the initial sign-up process, your school will be required to select which theme it would like to receive first so we know what Kit to send. The Vibrancy Kit of your choice will then arrive within 2 to 3 weeks after we receive payment of the membership fee.

What is a Welcome Kit and what does it include?

First-time HOO’s Circle members will receive Welcome Kits within 2 weeks of paying their membership fee.  The Welcome Kit is meant to welcome you to our community of passionate reading promoters.  It will also provide a librarian with basic tips and information about how to set up a great, active library space for children.  The Welcome Kit includes:

  • Tips and Ideas for how to best set up the school library for success
  • A list of 25 must-have books for children of all ages and reading levels, as well as 5 more for the librarian
  • Library Posters about reading that will spruce up your library space
  • Fun tent cards about reading
  • A planner for the school librarian

What is National Library Week?

Since November 2013, Hippocampus celebrated India’s National Library Week with schools across the country.  We gave schools tons of great ideas for how to celebrate in their own library, posters and banners to promote the event, held nation-wide reading-related contests, and coordinated author and illustrator visits with participating schools.  Everyone involved had a book-tastic time!

From 2016 we want to take the NLW celebrations available completely online. We are trying this out in a small way in 2015 in order to assess how it is being used. Do check out our NLW tab in this blog for a look at it.

We hope to have a full-fledged online NLW celebration plan in 2016. We are also working toward making it available in advance of the National Library Week (Nov 14-20 each year) so that your librarian can plan the rollout efficiently.

We can’t wait to celebrate in an even bigger and better fashion with all our HOO’s Circle members in coming years.  As we get closer to the event, we will send out more details about what the week will entail.

Do HOO’s Circle Members have to pay anything extra to participate in all the National Library Week events?

No, registration for National Library Week is included in a HOO’s Circle membership!

Authors/Story Tellers/Illustrators as a part of NLW will be charged separately.




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