Meet the Team

2-VimalaVIMALA MALHOTRA is Founding Director of Hippocampus Children’s Company Pvt Ltd and a Trustee of Hippocampus Reading Foundation. Fiercely protective of her private collection of books, she never dreamed of being involved in a business where the main target is getting books borrowed with the occupational hazard of them not being returned! Vimala has a background in English Literature and Mass Communication. She started her work life with half-hearted forays into freelance journalism. She then got into technical writing working with the Indian Institute of Science and Infosys. She discovered literature for the young when reading to her son and got addicted. Vices – travelling, reading, and spicy, fried potato chips – nothing like a combination of the three!


UMESH MALHOTRA is the co-founder of Hippocampus. Umesh started his career with Infosys after finishing his degree from IIT-Madras.Post the sale of his startup Bangalore Labs in 2002, he helped his wife set up Hippocampus. In 2008, Umesh was selected as an Ashoka Fellow for Hippocampus’ work to improve reading habits among first-generation learners in India. Since 2010, he has been the CEO of Hippocampus Learning Centres, setting up learning centres in rural India. Umesh enjoys buying books, getting kids to enjoy books and learning, and travelling the world to see if what’s written in all the books is actually true. One of his latest dreams is to train and work as a clown.

CHANDNI KHANNA is Director of Hippocampus Children’s Company and heads operations in Chennai. A student of English Literature and a frequent visitor of libraries, she never imagined that she would end up working in one. She discovered picture books while setting up the first Hippocampus centre in Bangalore and was fascinated by them. What gives her more joy than reading? It’s actually shopping for them at bookstores, fairs or even online. When not reading, she is busy planning events and workshops at the library.

_20160122_173807 SNEHA CAROLINE is the Centre Manager at Hippocampus Library and Children’s Experience Centre. Post her degree in Journalism, Sneha went through a streak of artistic jobs before joining Hippocampus in 2012. She is now addicted to her work where she thoroughly enjoys organizing events, reading and reviewing children’s books and her favourite — recommending books to children. She even likes her short breaks where she goes under the mango tree to watch birds. In her free time Sneha takes great delight in reading fiction, watching animated films, writing short stories, and doing graphic design work.



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