Since 2003, Hippocampus has been working toward a single goal – to inspire children to want to read more. In 2010, Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan identified Hippocampus as their library partner in India with the primary objective of promoting reading through school libraries across India. This led to the birth of Hippocampus School Library Services – an initiative to build and nurture a strong culture of reading in schools through the creation of active libraries.

For details on Geothe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, go to http://www.goethe.de/ins/in/bag/enindex.htm.

The Need for Active School Libraries

By merely existing, a library can do very little to promote the culture of reading. To inspire children to read, a school library needs to have an eclectic collection of books that can capture the wild imagination of children, and a librarian who can meaningfully guide children through the enchanting world of books. Also, in the face of demanding curricula, it is crucial for school libraries to step up from their traditional roles and actively support the school’s academic vision for its students.

To help school libraries evolve from functional ‘stock-houses of books’ to active reading and learning spaces, Hippocampus School Library Services is offering a range of services such as book curation, library and curriculum-centric activities, librarian workshops, membership, author visits and so on.

Join us in our movement to create active libraries and inspire children to want to read more.

2 Comments on “HSLS

  1. Pls send me some activities to improve the students reading skills in the library.

    • Thanks for your interest, Anusuya. Make sure to check out our poetry tips (on the blog) to celebrate World Poetry Day on March 21. We will get in touch this week to take this conversation forward.

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