Hippocampus Journey

2003: Hippocampus was founded with the setting up of a Children’s Experience Centre – the first of its kind, in Bangalore. The key idea was to create a fun place with books and activities for children with varied reading interests and levels, thereby promoting ‘reading for joy’. Ten years later and with a branch in Chennai, today the Children’s Experience Center has evolved into a vibrant library and activity center for children as young as a few months to about 12-13 years!

2004: Hippocampus Reading Foundation was set up in 2004 to work with reading and educational activities of underprivileged children. Core to Hippocampus’s success is the ‘GROWBY Reading’ program, a comprehensive activity based library program which generates an interest in reading among children. Today this program caters to more than 100,000 Indian children annually and is also in use at Room To Read libraries in the country.

2010: Hippocampus School Library Services came into being when in 2010 the Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan identified Hippocampus as their Indian library partner to promote reading through libraries in schools across India.

2011: Hippocampus Learning Centers was formalized in 2011 to provide quality learning to children in rural India through its Kindergarten and After-School education centers.

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