10 Terrific books on Tigers

International Tiger’s day is observed on 29th July and is celebrated annually to raise public awareness of Tiger conservation and protection of Tiger habitats. On this day, let’s read some brilliant books to children written about Tigers and also read books that are dedicated to these magnificent creatures.

Mr. Tiger goes Wild

By Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger was bored with the proper life he was living. He decided that he wanted to loosen up and have some fun. He begins by starting to walk on all fours, but each day he gets wilder. All his sepia tinted friends are appalled by his behaviour and ask him to leave to the wilderness. Mr. Tiger is thrilled to do so. For how long can Mr. Tiger survive in the wild without any friends?

The Tiger-Skin Rug    

By Gerarld Rose | Kate Greenaway                                                                                                      

Sad and thin Tiger has had enough of his hard life at the jungle. At night, he would sit by the edge of the jungle and gaze at the palace wondering how lovely it would be to eat royal food and enjoy the Rajah’s warm company. The next morning Tiger gets a brilliant idea when he lays his eyes on the Tiger-skin rug that was aired outside the palace. Tiger swaps places with the rug and begins to thoroughly enjoy the life of luxury, feast leftovers and parties at Rajah’s abode. But will a Tiger always be left unnoticed in the royal palace?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

By Judith Kerr

Little Sophie and her mummy are joined to tea by an unexpected visitor – A big, furry, stripy tiger with a voracious appetite. Tiger eats and drinks everything in Sophie’s house including the tap water which leaves Sophie with no water to even have her bath. This is a well-liked children’s book with captivating illustrations that has been enjoyed for over 30 years.

Tiger Trouble

By Diane Goode

Jack and his Tiger, Lily, lived in an apartment building. Everything that Jack did, Lily copied and everything that Lily did, Jack copied. Life was good for the duo and they did not have a care in the world. When Mr. Mud and his bulldog Fifi move into the apartment building, he exclaims that he hates cats and wanted Lily out of the building by the next morning. Will Jack let Lily go?

Talking to Tigers

By Nick Arnold

Talking to Tigers is a fantastic book about Tara’s journal which holds various factual details of her many tiger encounters. Meet Twiggy the tiger cub and join the jungle battle to save her from the horrible poachers. Also, find out fiercely kept Tiger secrets such as how to talk to a tiger, why a tiger can lick your hair off, which tigers eat frogs and snails and how to put a tiger of its dinner.

Here are a few other books that older children and adults can enjoy.

– Tigers for Dinner by Ruskin Bond | Sunaina Coelho

– The Man-Eating Tigers of Sunderbans by Sy Montgomery

– Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

Do add in your favourite books on Tigers in the comment section below.

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