5 Marvellous Books on Monsoon

At Hippocampus we believe that reading books indoors is the best way to enjoy the monsoon. Here are 5 books that are perfect for reading-aloud on rainy days.

Listen to the Rain  

Author: Bill Martin Jr. & John Archbamault | Illustrator: James Endicott

Listen to the Rain is an evocative picture book that describes the various moods and sounds of the rain. The soft illustrations and rhythmic words merge together in a thoroughly delightful manner which is certain to leave any reader spell-bound.


Author: Vaishali Shroff | Illustrator: Ruchi Mhasane

If you like the familiar scenes of a rainy day, you will love this book. When it pours rain, little Anju looks outside her window and sees black clouds that crowded the sky and streets dotted with colourful umbrellas. The story unfolds by describing what Anju observes and the illustrations take you through the wet streets of India on a rainy day. The dreamy watercolour illustrations and scenes where she makes patterns on her window leave you feeling nostalgic.

Come On, Rain!

Author: Karen Hesse | Illustrator: Jon J Muth

“Come on, rain!” are the desperate words of Tess, as she squints towards sky with hope. This splendid book depicts the sweltering heat and difficulty of life without rain in an urban society. The illustrations match the words brilliantly, absorbing you into each page. As the downpour approaches, Tess and her friends come together and celebrate the rain by dancing on the streets.

Peacocks and Pakodas!

Author: Mala Kumar & Manisha Chaudhry | Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan

Badaboom! Meenu hears the roll of thunder and knows that monsoon is here after a long hot summer. Listening to the melodious Kajari, watching how rain water is conserved in drums, the smell of moist soil and Amma’s pakodas makes Meenu realize that she loves every bit about monsoon. Peacocks and Pakodas is a delightful book with bright colourful illustrations.

Mushroom in the Rain

Author: Mirra Ginsburg | Illustrator: Joyce Aruego & Ariana Dewey

Caught in the rain, an ant takes shelter under a tiny mushroom. But soon he finds many others with the same idea trying to find their way into the tiny space, and surprisingly enough, they all fit in! When the sun finally comes out, the ant discovers a magical secret! The illustrations hilariously capture the various stages through which each new visitor is force-fitted into the tiny space.  A well-paced, wonderful book for an interactive rainy day read-aloud session.

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