My Vibrant Library – Simple tips to make your library a fun and interesting space.


Book art is made from carefully folding the pages of recycled books to create various designs. You can create almost anything with a little effort – from hearts to houses, words, symbols and objects. This is an absolutely fun thing to do – an amazing way to reuse old books and give them another purpose. You can create as many as you like and decorate your library by placing them at interesting spots.


Celebrate reading by embellishing your library with paper garlands or book buntings! Take old damaged comic books that are no longer used and cut them into even triangles. Take a length of twine and tie a loop on one end. Fold the top edge of a triangle over the twine, and use tape to stick it down. Repeat taping on the same side as you go along. Leave some space between the triangles so that you can adjust them. Once you’ve run out of pages, tie your length of twine off with another loop and suspend them around your school library.


Nothing tickles the curiouscity of children quite like that of a fun visual. Take old A3 posters, turn them over, grab your art material and give your creativity a go. Use colourful pens to write quotes that encourage reading. You can also write some fun facts and draw basic images to go with it. Children typically learn from quotes and enjoy reading fun facts.


Ensure that your bulletin board has material that get children to interact. Create a long scroll using paper and attach it to your bulletin board. You can then ask children to write down the name of the book(s) in the library that they are thankful for.  You can alternately create a ‘wishing tree’ – All you have to do is cut out brown chart paper to look like the trunk of a tree and attach it to a wall in your library. Later, cut out many colourful chart papers to look like leaves. Hand out the leaves to the children and ask them to write a title of a book that they wish the library had. Finally, stick the leaves around the trunk of the wishing tree.

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