5 Lovely Books about Sharing

The Pleasant Rakshasa

The Pleasant Rakshasa is a wonderful story about a monster called Karimuga. Karimuga was a pleasant, friendly and beautiful rakashasa. All the other rakshasas were jealous his purple skin, pink cheeks, red eyes, and his wonderful hairy legs. Read this simple, heartwarming story aloud to children and teach them about the joy of sharing.

The Princess with the Longest Hair

Have you listened to the tale of the princess with long lustrous hair? The forests praise her and the winds still carry her song down the river.  The jungle birds and fisher-folk smile and fondly remember the princess for her kindness. An award winning book with brilliant illustrations. A must have at every children’s library.

Extra Yarn

An unusual sweet magical story about a little girl called Annabelle who brings colour, magic and warmth to her village with kindness. Jon Klassen has done a brilliant job with his illustrations. He also brings back bear and rabbit from his book I want my hat. This Caldecott honor is a charming book which the children at Hippocampus often enjoy reading.

Pigeon finds a hotdog

Mo Willems has created a joyous adventure in this one by encouraging children to share. Is it easy to share when you really really want something all for yourself? Find out if hungry pigeon parts his hot dog with the big-eyed duckling. Highly recommended for kindergartners.

The Rainbow Fish

Sometimes being the most beautiful fish in the sea can be lonely. Rainbow fish learns that there is more to be gained by sharing his possessions than by keeping them all to himself. The heart of this simple story emphasizes not only the importance of sharing, but also the joy that comes from giving.

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