Monthly Archives: February 2015

My Vibrant Library – Simple tips to make your library a fun and interesting space.

BOOK ART Book art is made from carefully folding the pages of recycled books to create various designs. You can create almost anything with a little effort – from hearts to houses, words, symbols and objects. This is an absolutely fun thing to do – an…

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Laughter Ever After with Jane De Suza

Jane De Suza is the author of the recently-released book – SuperZero, a laugh-out-loud book for children. Other children’s books that Jane has written include Party in the Sky, The Big Little Want and the Han Series. She has also…

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5 Lovely Books about Sharing

The Pleasant Rakshasa The Pleasant Rakshasa is a wonderful story about a monster called Karimuga. Karimuga was a pleasant, friendly and beautiful rakashasa. All the other rakshasas were jealous his purple skin, pink cheeks, red eyes, and his wonderful hairy legs….

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