5 Splendid Books on Animals

This October, let’s take time to respect, appreciate and celebrate all the wonderful animals that share the planet with us. It is important to speak to children about animals, animal safety, putting an end to animal cruelty and to stand for protection of the habitats that are home to wild animals. Here are 5 amazing books on animals and their world, which can help sensitize children towards all the wonderful creatures from land, sea and sky.


Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet by David McLimans

Gone Wild is a brilliant black-and-white alphabet book which is sure to intrigue and captivate readers of any age. David McLimans has elegantly illustrated the book transforming each alphabet into an endangered animal. Once you take this eye-opening safari, you will never look at animals or alphabets the same way again. Gone Wild is a Caldecott Honor winner.


Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

This book is a wonderful blend of practical information and bold life-size depictions of animals. Steve Jenkins describes and gives examples of the size and weight of the Siberian tiger, salt water crocodile, the goliath frog and other such exotic animals. A great book to introduce children to the spectacular diversity of the animal world and is a must have at any children’s library.


Kakapo Rescue by Sy Montgomery

Kakapos are sweet-smelling, affable, flightless birds that once waddled on Codfish Island off the southern coast of New Zealand in large numbers. Now fewer than 100 remain, as their habitat became invaded by predators introduced by humans. Kakapo Rescue has beautiful photos and witty text that provide an intimate look at a concerted effort to save these endangered species. This book is a winner of The Robert F. Sibert Medal.


Birds from my window by Ranjit Lal

A beautiful and humorous book which will change the way you look at birds and their antics. Birds from my window is based on Ranjit Lal’s personal anecdotes and observation of winged wonders. Even the cover of the book is a photograph of a Hoopoe taken by Lal himself. This book is proof that you do not need to march to the wilderness to spot birds, you can observe many species from just the window of your house or by strolling at a park nearby.


Magnificent Makhna by Aravind Krish Bala

Makhna’s are tuskless elephants and are usually aggressive, but not Moorthy. This gentle elephant lives in the Theppakkadu elephant camp at Mudumalai (Tamil Nadu) wildlife sanctuary. The book unravels by telling us the story of Moorthy, who had once terrified humans and protected the forest from hunters, poachers and timber traders. Use this heart-warming Tulika book to discuss with children the human interference in nature.

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