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Does Your School Library Have These 5 Books That Celebrate the Joys of Reading?


One of our favourite books at Hippocampus is ‘Biblioburro’ by Jeanette Winterson. This book is precious to us not only because it narrates the amazing journey of a passionate teacher, but also because it celebrates the simple yet powerful pleasures…

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How do you keep preteens and teens hooked to books? ‘Litpert’ Dr. Shailaja Menon offers great solutions


Joseph Colin has to be one of the most eager and enthusiastic school librarians we have come across. He works at Bangalore International School in Bangalore. Here’s a question he had for our ‘Litpert’ Dr. Shailaja Menon: Q. I feel…

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‘Illustrations provide the reader with a window into a new world’


There are certain characters in children’s literature that are unforgettable. For most of us who have read Mahasweta Devi’s ‘The Why-Why Girl’ (published by Tulika), Moyna is certainly one. Perhaps what makes her so memorable is her intense curiosity. But…

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Librarians, We Need Your Help!


Hippocampus is compiling a list of librarians’ favourite children’s books. Help us create it by taking a photograph of yourself posing with your favourite children’s book and grinning from ear to ear! Send your picture to before June 25th…

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How Can We Encourage Children to Read Across Genres? Litpert Dr. Shailaja Menon Has the Answers


Do young readers in your school stick to a few popular series and show reluctance in exploring new genres? Check out Dr. Shailaja Menon’s terrific suggestions on how to inspire children to read across genres. Q. How can we encourage…

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