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5 Books That Are Perfect for Bibliotherapy

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As parents and educators, we often struggle with responding to certain complex situations in a child’s life. For instance, what do we say to a child when she/he loses a loved one? Or, how do we sensitize our students to…

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‘When I Write For Kids, I’m Essentially Writing For Myself’


Do you have books by Anushka Ravishankar in your school library? No, she’s not the daughter of Pandit Ravi Shankar! And if you don’t have her books in your library, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Known for…

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Election Carnival in Your School Library


Are your students aware of the 2014 General Elections and what it means to vote in a democracy? Bring in a bit of the election-mania into your library through our 5 easy-to-implement ideas. 1. Read-Aloud Elections (Grades 1-2) Get into the…

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15 Amazing Indian Books Recommended by Top Editors


Hippocampus School Library Services is delighted to reveal a list of 15 Indian books which have been declared as favourites by 5 top editors from Tulika Books, Pratham Books, Duckbill and Karadi Tales. The last decade has been exciting as well…

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Fun Quiz for School Librarians

Indus Surprise Reading

Librarians, there’s finally a quiz tailored just for you! How much do you know about children’s books? How do you run your school library? Take this fun test to find out where you stand as a school librarian.

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Smitten With Words


Suzanne Sangi got her debut novel ‘Facebook Phantom’ published at the age of 17. Read this article in which she reflects on her enduring love for words, reading and writing. My father often says that as a toddler, I used…

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