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Author Ben Okri’s ‘Ten and a Half Inclinations’

Lyola Legacy Reading Up in Tree 1

In ‘Ten and a Half Inclinations’, author Ben Okri makes a compelling case for reading. Every child must read this powerful piece of advice from Ben Okri – an acclaimed Nigerian novelist and poet – best known for his novel…

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Show Children the Wacky Side of Poetry

Poetry books

Have you ever read poetry aloud to children? How did they respond? Did they smile? Did they squeal? Were there questions? Were they bored? Did they wiggle in their chairs and stare at you with vacant eyes?  Well, it isn’t always easy to predict…

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Fill Your Library With Bursts of Poetry


UNESCO observes 21st March as World Poetry Day – a day when different forms of poetry and their creators are celebrated. Hippocampus has dedicated this month to celebrating poetry and urges you to do the same in your school library. Help your…

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‘Litpert’ Shailaja Menon on reading aloud to independent readers

Children love to be read aloud to at Bangalore International School.

Have any questions related to literacy or language? Shoot your questions to right away and have literacy expert Dr.Shailaja Menon answer them. Big questions, tiny questions, serious questions, silly questions, soft questions, hard questions – any questions that have…

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‘Each time I see a child enjoy something I’ve drawn, my heart takes a giant leap of joy’

Illustrator Priya Kuriyan

Have you noticed the way children’s books in India have become more aesthetically appealing over the last few years? Talented illustrator Priya Kuriyan has been a strong contributor to this slow visual revolution toward making children’s books more child-friendly. Read…

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