HOO’s Picks: Bring Math Alive Through Stories

Pieces of math are discovered by children every day. Math isn’t only about addition and division. It is also about shapes, symmetry and measurement. Math isn’t about memorizing formulas. It is about exploration. Math isn’t found only between the pages of a school textbook. It can be found all around us – in the flowers in your garden, in the song that you just hummed and even in your own kitchen. Below is a list of math books recommended by Hippocampus School Services through which you can make math exciting for your preschooler. 

Number play: These books are perfect for simple concepts such as counting, addition and subtraction. Read these books in class even if you haven’t yet introduced these concepts. You’ll be surprised at how much your students can absorb. That’s the power of good storytelling.

  • Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • Rooster’s Off to See the World by Eric Carle
  • Let’s Go by Anthara Mohan
  • One Lonely Unicorn by Meenakshi Bharadwaj

Essential geometry: Research shows that children who develop early geometrical reasoning skills are able to quickly grasp relatively complex concepts in other domains as well. But let’s not get too technical, right? Geometry is possibly what comes most intuitively to young children. Here are two books that successfully capture the playfulness and spontaneity of geometry.

  • When the Earth Lost its Shapes by Shobha Viswanath
  • What Shall I Make? By Nandini Nayar

Measurement: Introduce measurement to children in the simplest ways possible. Here are two books that you could start with, one of which is about time and the other explores the concept of weight.

  • Clocks and More Clocks by Pat Hutchins
  • Up Down by Vinayak Varma

Number rhyme: What better way to learn to count than through a rhyme? The structure and rhythm of the rhyme will make basic counting a memorable experience for the child.

  • Over in the Meadow by Ezra Jack Keats
  • Five Little Monkeys by Richard Brown & Kate Ruttle

Have you been trying to find books based on a theme? Write to us at hippocampus.libarian@gmail.com if you would like support.  

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