Monthly Archives: February 2014

Catch the Olympic Fever


The Winter Olympics 2014 is almost at the finish line! Don’t miss this chance to unleash the spirit of Sochi in your library using our fun activity ideas. There is so much that children can learn about different countries, cultures,…

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HOO’s Picks: Bring Math Alive Through Stories


Pieces of math are discovered by children every day. Math isn’t only about addition and division. It is also about shapes, symmetry and measurement. Math isn’t about memorizing formulas. It is about exploration. Math isn’t found only between the pages…

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Celebrating National Library Week 2013 with HSS


In November 2013, soon after the festival of lights, schools in 9 different states across India found time for yet another unique kind of celebration… National Library Week! India has recognized November 14-20th as National Library Week ever since 1968,…

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Inside Bright Minds: Author Asha Nehemiah

Author Asha Nehemiah

Each month, look out for our interviews with wonderful authors, illustrators and storytellers who are contributing to the wealth of children’s literature. We are thrilled to kick-start this series with popular children’s author Asha Nehemiah. Over the years, Asha’s books…

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